Haulage (transportation of freight)

Besides eco-tourism services, national coverage of haulage and removal is served by Vanbargruop. Vanbargroup association owns the largest fleet of trucks and vans in the country with a lot of decent drivers; we have them all ready to carry out all kinds of transport tasks such as furniture moving, door to door delivery of goods , groupage or full load etc ) from any starting point to any destination throughout the country .
Freight moving services:
Vanbargroup provides “full service moving” ; in this type, you request for exclusively renting a proper vehicle for conveyance of your goods.
However this service costs more, it’s got numerous benefits worth renting, like fast delivery, full coverage of insurance, maximum safety of goods , convenience of clients etc
Vanbargroup provides “groupage” ;from an economic point of view, this type of service is suitable and merits assessment.The word groupage is defined as mutually sending goods. In this type, your goods are placed in a specified part of the freight car beside other people’s things to be carried .If you don’t have large sized items and are not willing to rent an exclusive truck to reduce costs , then groupage meets your need.Intercity Haulage / Covered Provinces

What distinguishes Vanbargroup from other domestic hauliers is its Extensive Regional  Coverage of Transport . We are able to supply the clients with our wonderful transport services in every single city of Iran. You can see the following list which illustrates cities to or from which we send vans and trucks
as in form of intercity :
1) Bandar Abbas to Tehran ( only cleared goods)
2) Bandar Abbas toTabriz
3) Bandar Abbas to Mashad
4) Bandar Abbas to Isfahan
5) Port of Mahshahr to Tehran,Tabriz,Mashhad and Isfahan ( only cleared freight is hauled )
6) From whole Tehran to all of other cities ( vans and trucks, available at any time )
7) From Isfahan to any destination throughout the country.
8) From Tabriz to any destination ( trucks and vans, ready for hauling tasks)
9 ) From Mashhad to other cities at any time.
10 ) if the cargo is in a different location from the above mentioned cities , you need to book a
vehicle in advance.
What are some of the foreigners’ requests and How we fulfil them :
Our foreign clients ask for trucks for a furniture removal.
Our foreign client’s ask for pickups to move their rafting boat ,small plastic boats , fishing tools etc
They call us to book a van to move their belongings to the rural villas or northern cities.
They call us for carrying their luggage to the hotel from Imam Khomeini airport  They ask for a lorry to pick consignments from southern ports to Tehran.
They ask for pickups from Bandar Abbas and Genaveh to carry goods to other cities.

Truckers Club
Frustrating problems of lorry drivers and challenges ahead :
Who’s a truck/lorry driver?
a person who drives a truck to move freight for earning a living. In Iran, according to statistics, driving is estimated to be a source of income for about 1,200,000 people which means driving is  by far the most populous job in Iran. one-third of that estimated number constitutes truck and van drivers. In Iran likewise in other countries, they require to get a class 1 driver’s license to drive a heavy vehicle and they also require acquaintance with the basics and mechanics of heavy vehicles.Apparently driving may seem an easy job but we mention some main difficulties faced by drivers *Exceedingly driving hours with alerts :
While moving, safty of goods from starting point to destination is very important to the carrier, client and driver, but more to drivers because he must be carefully driving and hourly staying  alert along the road. After loading is done , drivers are often asked about the approximate delivery time which means timely delivery of goods is important to the clients and recipients. The whole above-mentioned situation bring a sense of obligation to the drivers which leads them into exceeding work as well as mental pressure.
*Being far from family and home for weeks :
Inevitable consequences of being an intercity driver is spending less time with family and  homesickness.Distance between he and his wife and frequent loneliness of intercity driving bring about depression and reduction in their emotional connections and sexual desires which may lead to divorce.
*Finding a secure place to park the vehicle and accommodation for a rest :
One of the concerns that drivers have is the secure place for parking. Another concern is to find accommodation for a rest and shower although some trucks have sleepers at least.*Health hazards : Eating canned or fast food besides shortage of physical activities and taking a bath once would result in threats to their health and hygiene

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