What is the conception of Driver’s Rights:
1. The expression “Driver’s Rights ” is a rightful pharse which for the first time is used by Vanbargroup however you’ve surly heard such words as citizen’s rights , human right,pedestrian rights and many similar others , But why the “Driver’s Rights” have never beenissued?
2. Why doesn’t drivers deserve to have their legal benefit and the rights quite often belongs to the other groups?
3. However in the judicial system of Iran any group of people in any occupation must merit some rights, No right is bestowed on drivers.
4. Since “Driver’s Rights ” is formed for the first time , it takes time to pull out its lateral form and meaning to utilize it.
5. It will take an identically standard form with the assemblage of the drivers and it shouldn’t be formrd by only an organisation or a person.
6. Existence of traffic signs of roads is an example for thr driver’s rights . If lack of warning signs, markings and lines cause harms to the drivers , the agents of the harms should be bound to recompense them. Nonetheless no responsive organization admits to making up for the damages and no authority takes responsibility to pay for reparations.
7. According the description we provided about the “Driver’s Rights” above, the expression includes roads quality, traffic signs, guardrails , safe asphalt, directional facilities and guild benefits and each one will be discussed in detail in upcoming articles.

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